Agile data management as simple as an office application.

No Server is needed – early ROI
No programming is required – give power to the knowledge worker

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JACAMAR – Database for agile data management

JACAMAR starts with:

  • displaying your source documents – those lists and tables that you previously managed with a standard spreadsheet program
  • multi-user access and personalised settings, therefore avoiding conflict over access restrictions and formatting preferences

In no time, you can define or import tables as business users without the involvement of IT specialists.
Without complicated SQL commands you can visually drag and drop the relationships between the fixed table elements.
In line with each departments requirements you can customise task-specific views.
As simple as adding a column in your spreadsheet program, you can change all column definitions and content at any time.
And it can be used to quickly create an overview and talk about the same data across all areas of a business.

Jacamar also offers the usual functions of a database and with simultaneous multi-user access and easy management of individual and team roles and access privileges.
» How does JACAMAR works?

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JACAMAR can be used everywhere within agile business operations

where projects and processes are determined as short term and day to day flexibility is required

  • for individual experts
  • small and medium-sized enterprises
  • developing and planning departments within large corporations
    (example being 400 users in 20 departments at several locations around the world)

keeping related data linked and centralised, rather than getting lost in many cases of copied individual files

» Agile data management in SME

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Try using JACAMAR

  • no need to worry about time pressures or flexibility requirements in aquiring a long-term database program
  • create it yourself!

As a knowledge worker Do It Yourself

Our mentors will gladly assist you personally during the introductory period.
Especially for the analysis of your current business processes and implementing the right data model using our industry experience.
If then during database projects when a pilot phase begins, start with Jacamar from day 1.

You will see that it pays off!

Simply do it yourself!

» Download DIY database