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Many customers wish for personal support close by, therefore JACAMAR® supports committed partners. With the JACAMAR® partnership we offer long-term client relationships and continuous income. We invite you to share in our success.

JACAMAR® – Partner Programme

JACAMAR® – Authorised Partner

This is the entry point for building a
foundation to initiate a long-lasting business relationship.
KATLA GmbH will recommend best practices to
help your organization increase sales opportunities.
You will have access to training, marketing and
sales resources, as well as the opportunity to refer
customers to KATLA. Over time, we want to develop
Authorized Partners with their own consultancy in Business Modelling with JACAMAR.

JACAMAR® Certified Partner

Certification: The JACAMAR®-Partnership begins with training for administrators and sales employees. We bring you to a position of being able to confidently present JACAMAR® and to implement customer requirements. After the training, you will receive the „JACAMAR® Certified Partner“ certification.

Further training can be arranged to become a „JACAMAR® Certified Premium Partner“, which entitles you to independently perform JACAMAR® training and workshops and recognises you as a “JACAMAR® Certified Administrator”.

The certifications must be renewed each year in the framework of training courses.

Contact mediation: JACAMAR® sales are achieved as direct sales through partners. For this reason, the customer will contact you directly or you will receive contact details of companies that have turned to us where further contact is required.

Take advantage of the strong JACAMAR® Marketing.

Protection of contacts: All acquired customers by you are registered to you and other partners or our sales department are therefore advised to refer “your customers” to you in case of any inquiries.

We can provide information on other topics such as:

  • Partnership-conditions
  • Partner-events
  • Marketing activities and trade fair participation
  • JACAMAR®-NFR-Licenses (not for resale)

Interested in becoming a JACAMAR® partner? Perhaps you are interested in distributing the JACAMAR® software in your home country?
No matter what your needs are, if you are interested in a partnership with JACAMAR® contact us HERE…»