Outlook for JACAMAR 6.0

Magdeburg, 5th Oct. The neural database with individual user interface! With JACAMAR 5.6 we have already taken a big step in terms of agile data management, optimisation, agile data handling and real-time data processing. With JACAMAR 6.0 we will now go one step further! In our two-day workshop at the beginning of this month, we […]


New JACAMAR 5.6 version released!

Magdeburg, 5th Sept. A new version of our NoSQL database JACAMAR will be released on the 6th of September. Especially in times of required agility in all areas from the conceptual idea to the end product, it is essential that the software and IT of a company adapt to this trend. Rigid data silos, long […]

Progress and development of the future JACAMAR version.

We are on schedule with the development of JACAMAR version 6 to bring it in line with the most suitable technologies. JACAMAR v6 – the agile data handling software solution is due to be released in the final quarter of 2018 with JavaFX and SceneBuilder integration for customisation of your own database office tool.  

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The Jacamar Process

Build executable team applications with JACAMAR itself! The process to a running team application is straight-lined and is organised into cyclic phases of refinement. By dealing with the data, the format and the permissions to the data, a new innovative application opens up in your company regarding data handling and data quality. At the beginning […]

JACAMAR – InMemory Database on Raspberry Pi

NoSQL – Database and Mini-Computer Raspberry Pi* Based on a student project at the department of ‘Digital Engineering’ of the Otto-von-Guricke University Magdeburg a solution with Jacamar and Rapsberry Pi was developed, that can be instantly used in the logistic industry: A JACAMAR Database was implemented on a Raspberry Pi 3 Mini-PC with the Raspbian operating […]

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