JACAMAR customers are typically knowledge workers who collaborate in teams. The application is used across sectors. Internationally operating teams benefit from the common database as much as do small user groups.

The thrust is on using the software in the so-called auxiliary processes, in which the agility of JACAMAR is required.


Here are some typical application groups and usage scenarios:

  • Product developers/architects – management of component information: When information on components and tools is changing continuously in development cycles and these changes firstly have an influence on entire component groups, or parts information has to be firmly defined at specific times (for prototype manufacture), whereas the development process progresses further.
  • Project teams – task control: As an alternative to expensive project control systems, JACAMAR is used when what is involved is describing tasks with sub-tasks and monitoring them in distributed environments (desired/actual acquisition).
  • Sales teams – control: Acquisition of key data (desired and actual), often in combination with the acquisition of pre-sales information (e.g. interests management including status, potential and lots more).
  • Management – key data administration: Teams operating in a distributed and networked manner, in particular, use the simple facility to combine key data from different systems and thus to keep an oversight over the larger picture.
  • Scientists and researchers: They are happy to use JACAMAR when what is involved is to acquire and store structured data jointly and to share it for their work.