The good news in advance:

JACAMAR is intuitive and universal, with an application you determine.

Our guidance you do not actually need.

JACAMAR consultants have project experience in the engineering, automotive, energy and information and communication technology (ICT) industries. Some “live cases” can be found here:

JACAMAR in the Automotive Industry

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JACAMAR is active in the mechanical engineering, plant construction and automotive markets. Managing the team, the product data and parts lists.

Streamline (Product) Databases

JACAMAR is a trusted database, streamlined for companies particularly in the automotive industry as well as the mechanical and plant engineering fields.

Quality management in serial production

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Our software solution reduces bill of materials costs and accelerates the time to market while creating the opportunity to implement flexible structures of the business model into the software.
Suppliers can be actively involved in the processes and by assigning roles and permissions in Jacamar the external service providers can see exactly the data that is intended for them.
The process of an elaborate adaptation of tables and column headers and the “filling out” of keys and legends can be prevented using Jacamar.

Project management

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Spreadsheets are not the way forward for high-quality project management.
How your team will live active “Collaboration”?

Additional industries

  • Recruiting and Human Ressources departments
  • Nursing service
  • Seeds produceer
  • Agencies
  • Social services
  • Event planning / holiday planning
  • JACAMAR supports Lean IT