JACAMAR – InMemory Database on Raspberry Pi

jacamar raspberry pi

JACAMAR with handheld scanner and label printer on Raspberry Pi 3

NoSQL – Database and Mini-Computer Raspberry Pi*

Based on a student project at the department of ‘Digital Engineering’ of the Otto-von-Guricke University Magdeburg a solution with Jacamar and Rapsberry Pi was developed, that can be instantly used in the logistic industry:

  1. A JACAMAR Database was implemented on a Raspberry Pi 3 Mini-PC with the Raspbian operating system
  2. The Java VM with Database runs very quickly with the 2 GB memory onboard
  3. A handheld scanner reads the barcodes into JACAMAR tables
  4. The label printer prints out  barcodes based on numbers (EAN, ISBN, GS1 etc. )

The Task

Enhancement of JACAMAR® by barcode reading techniques

JACAMAR is a NoSQL database engine with an integrated graphical user interface (data browser) and a graphical data modeling representation. It is universally applicable and a portable solution. The software provides several data merging and reporting features. It has to be enhanced by industrial data collecting interfaces. The standard application is typically running on personal computers and Microsoft Windows™ tablets.

Katla GmbH wants to add human machine interfaces (HMI) to the application. Barcode systems can provide detailed up-to-date information on the business with more confidence. The target of this project is to support keycard and the implementation of the JACAMAR database engine as a stand-alone Java virtual machine on barcode reading devices such as barcode scanners, mobile apps; as well as the generation of barcodes for print out in JACAMAR. JACAMAR should be able to work as an independent ‘data collecting application’ that reads a data stream from external interfaces like input devices or sensors.

The task for the team project is as follows:

  • Development of a concept for the recognition & implementation of barcodes and data merging into JACAMAR.

  • Implementation of USB and Bluetooth interfaces to the java virtual machine and handling of virtual devices in JACAMAR.

  • Enabling the remote access to the JACAMAR database engine (HMI).

  • Implementation and configuration of the following features:

    • start-/stop, wake-up on trigger-event.

    • command line tools fro start, stop, dump, and periodicval data export.

    • self-configuration features of the Java VM depending on the given system environment.

  • Development of a configuration that supports different standards and helps define data mapping rules to JACAMAR data types and properties:

    • For input from the scanner.

    • For output to the label printer.

  • Implementation of a sample JACAMAR database and definition of test scenarios on a prototype system.

  • The following standards have to be considered:

  1. EAN-8, EAN-13 (International Standard ISO/IEC 15420)

  2. ISO/IEC 15459

  3. ISO/IEC 15416 (linear) and ISO/IEC 15415 (2D)

  4. Direct Part Marking (DPM)

  5. Bluetooth 4.1

* Raspberry Pi is a Word Mark of the Raspberry Foundation.

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