New JACAMAR 5.6 version released!

Magdeburg, 5th Sept.

A new version of our NoSQL database JACAMAR will be released on the 6th of September.

Especially in times of required agility in all areas from the conceptual idea to the end product, it is essential that the software and IT of a company adapt to this trend.

Rigid data silos, long response times, such as a classical client-server databases, waterfall project planning and complicated programming are increasingly being questioned in times of transparency, variant diversity and agile developments.
JACAMAR sets the focus right here. An intuitive data hub used in agile data management in real-time (in-memory) technology. Thanks to the multi-user functionality and access controlled rights, roles and privileges, interdepartmental teamwork is possible in line with the guidelines of data protection.

Developed from a practical application at Opel, we have now released the JACAMAR 5.6 version.

Among other things, significant improvements have been made during filtering. Dynamic filtering now makes it possible to further define criteria so filter lists refresh or reduce based on the previous selections made. Especially in complex projects where many conditions or variation exceptions apply this solution provides a quick and easy navigation to the required results.
Also, our Data Merger – a data integration wizard – has been improved again to simplify further input and data import.

JACAMAR 5.6 is compiled with Java 8.

A trial version for download is available here.