Outlook for JACAMAR 6.0


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Magdeburg, 5th Oct.

The neural database with individual user interface!

With JACAMAR 5.6 we have already taken a big step in terms of agile data management, optimisation, agile data handling and real-time data processing. With JACAMAR 6.0 we will now go one step further!

In our two-day workshop at the beginning of this month, we were able to set the course for JACAMAR 6.0. Our developers have presented us with the results of their previous work:

A neural database paired with an individual user interface enables team collaboration in real time!

Thanks to the technologies of JavaFX and Scene Builder, we have succeeded in combining an agile database with automated middleware. The slogan “configure instead of programming” is no longer just a nice phrase, but can actually be “applied”. JavaFX becomes JavaFX++. Scene Builder greatly enhances the ability to create forms and reports. JACAMAR 6.0 will thus not only become an agile data management system but also an individual database, which can be adapted to the needs of the customer in a functional and visual way at any time.

Of course, existing standards such as multi-user functionality, the roles/permissions principle, meta-model and in-memory technology will be integrated again.

We are particularly proud of the great dedication and cooperation of our product team, which, in addition to the regular tasks, also unreservedly supports our programmers with new ideas and their implementation.

I want to get a test copy of the new JACAMAR version 6beta