Editions and Prices

JACAMAR Standard Edition

The JACAMAR Standard Edition provides all the important features in order to immediately create and use simple data applications in small teams. The functionality of the navigation language and configuration options in JACAMAR are not limited. If your emphasis is on a multi-user environment including the assignment of access rights and roles, then the Business-Edition is right for your business.

JACAMAR Business Edition

The JACAMAR Business Edition provides businesses with a professional solution with unlimited usage. During the introductory phase, comprehensive support is guaranteed to ensure the optimum integration of the software to the corporate structure and needs. Regular backups, user management and archive and logging features are also included in this package.

JACAMAR Cloud / PaaS

The JACAMAR Cloud solution is for companies who want to use their own infrastructure but access the software via an external data center. With this solution, whether in the office or home office regardless of their location, employees can access their data therefore more freedom and flexibility is guaranteed. This hosted solution is ideal for short term projects.

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Editions and Prices - all details

Location Cloud on Premise
Editions JACAMAR Cloud
Software Rental
JACAMAR community JACAMAR business
Software Purchase
JACAMAR trial 30 days free 30 days free
Scope Software rental with
server deployment
on premis (local installation)
see feature list
License per user only registration needed per user
Price 28,00 €
per month per user
free from 192 € p.a. / user
Installation one-time €99,00 Installer
Software Maintenance
(Upgrades, etc.)
included no 20% of license cost
E-Mail Support
included no included
Kick-Off Workshop
Business process consulting and -modelling (BPM)
optional optional

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JACAMAR Viewer can be used to simply create GUEST access to JACAMAR data. The GUEST user has no write permissions so you can give your customers, suppliers or buyers the JACAMAR Viewer software and allow them access to data that you wish to share.

As a licensee you can request the use of JACAMAR Viewer for free HERE »