The advantages of JACAMAR software

In todays business world it is important for companies to react quickly to changing conditions and to remain competitive in the long term. In many business areas the process of product data management is frequently performed with standard spreadsheet programs. This process can both quickly become confusing and very time consuming thus making it expensive. JACAMAR simplifies processes and standardises the daily work using large volumes of data. Companies benefit from the time and cost savings and resources can be freed up and used for more important tasks.


The JACAMAR software can be individually customised and is highly flexible to adapt to changing requirements. Amendments and additions can be entered in real time during ongoing processes and loss of time during operations is minimised.


Decentralised departments and specialists are connected through a single data pool and work together rather than separately as in projects and this robust database minimises unecessary communication.


You can create customised views for different user groups and in large complex projects you can even display only the relevant records to simplfiy working with huge data tables.


Entries in JACAMAR are directly visible to all users as the synchronisation of the data pool is done immediately, therefore processes are faster, shorter waiting times and duplication of entries is avoided.


In addition to individual views, access rights and privileges can be set for user groups or specialists and existing records can be protected or hidden to ensure data quality increases and impact of input errors are reduced.


Operational data is loaded using in-memory technology and large views or tables and their related data sets are prepared in seconds. Charge times are reduced and waiting times eliminated.


Communication across company boundaries and differences in time locations is becoming increasingly important for businesses and with JACAMAR you can work from a home office, on the road or in the office with a PC or laptop.


Table structures and views can be created according to the areas and processes of the business and using their own jargon – with no programming skills required. User groups can contribute and link their own tables, and import and export existing data. The modern “touch-slide technique” and “Drag and Drop” functionality improves navigation in large tables and supports Tablets, making daily work more comfortable.