Training and Seminars

Qualified JACAMAR Administrators are generally far more successful and faster in project implementation than untrained Administrators.

Speed is what counts in projects. You wish to build and deploy the solution as fast as possible and with less effort. Apart from the comprehensive documentation, we recommend a training session of 2-3 days.

JACAMAR basic training

The training comprises all the important areas of JACAMAR. The contents are determined on the basis of a defined training guideline. In the training course, there are many practical exercises that sharpen your knowledge and provide a useful approach for the workplace.

Syllabus of the 2-day training course:

  • Installation, configuration and operation (backup, update, licensing …)
  • “JACAMAR Users”:
    • Setting up access to JACAMAR applications
    • Handling the application interface (e.g. View arrangements, displacing columns, sorting and filtering of data)
    • Data processing in Views (e.g. manual inputs, value assignment (multiple), data linking, displacement)
    • Data import and export
  • “JACAMAR Administrators”:
    • Generation of data structures (meta-models) with e.g.: data tables and the relevant column types, selection specifications, data relationships
    • Generating View configurations with all possible facets such as simple table views, complex tree tables, using filters, nesting of elements, sub-views, filtering, using variables and functions
    • Setting up users, user groups and assignment of rights

Upon successful completion, you will get the certificate “Jacamar Certified Administrator”.

JACAMAR advanced courses

The prerequisite for participation in advanced courses is the successful completion of the JACAMAR basic training. In the courses, the knowledge obtained in the basic training is strengthened and more complex example applications are generated with the help of practical exercises. The typical topics are:

  • Handling new functions
  • Expansion and modification of existing applications
  • Generating complex import schemes
  • Data migration, conversion

Of course, we also offer advanced courses tailored exactly to your requirements.

JACAMAR Partner Certification

Partners can qualify with our training programs and get accreditation of their qualifications with a certificate.

All customers receive highly qualified training from “JACAMAR Certified Partners”, no matter in what language, owing to the standards laid down for the type and scope of a training course and for the training environment.

Through this certificate, the partner is allowed to hold training courses in our name on a chargeable basis. So also, a partner is then in a position to answer qualified customer inquiries and support requests.

Only certified partners are allowed to provide services in our name.


We are pleased to offer seminars at events related to the topics of agile, mobile and global collaboration. Our employees will be pleased to share experiences and information. You find more information at the KATLA web site.

Kick Off Meetings

In project management time is precious whereby you want to create a solution as quickly as possible with little effort and impact.


JACAMAR® – User Training

Specifically focusing on departments, this course trains users in their contact and daily work with JACAMAR. Participants will gain knowledge on how they can use JACAMAR most effectively for their daily work. This includes:

  • Managing the front end user-interface
  • Processing and displaying the data in views
  • Data import and export
  • Creating simple view configurations and subviews
  • Using column and advanced filter functions and connecting related data

JACAMAR® – Administrator Training

This course enables the key department users to be trained with business modelling techniques and the administrative functions. These include:

  • Installation and configuration
  • Setting up access to JACAMAR® applications
  • Creation of data structures (Meta Model)
  • Setting up users, user groups and assigning rights and privileges
  • Creation of parametric views
  • Usage of variables and navigation functions
  • Maintenance

JACAMAR® – Functional-Training

This course will help you tackle your specific problems together with us. We will prepare you for:

  • Mastering the most complex configurations
  • Creating highly structured data
  • Subviews
  • Import and Data Merger management
  • Best practice and lots of useful tips

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