Tutorials and Webinars

Tutorials and User Guides

  • Installation Guide (EN)
    First steps to installing JACAMAR on the device or corporate network.
  • JACAMAR Handbook (EN)
    This manual is intended for users and administrators in multi-user environments. It shows how to create a data model and progressively map your business processes in JACAMAR.
  • Data Merger Guide (EN)
    This manual describes in detail how you can make (cyclic) data imports from spreadsheet programs like Excel to JACAMAR.
  • Function Reference (EN)
    This manual describes in detail the numerous functions for configuring the data display in tables.
  • User Guide (DE)
    This manual is intended for users of views and filters in JACAMAR.

Getting started

Download the WineSample JACAMAR repository used in the JACAMAR handbook » HERE

Download the Data Merger Sample used in the JACAMAR Data Merger guide » HERE


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An introduction to the principles and important features of JACAMAR – Agile Data Handling.

Under the topic “reducing complexity” typical use cases of JACAMAR will be shown. Functionaility will be demonstrated so data can be merged and imported (CSV or Excel) into JACAMAR.

Webinars can be tailor-made for your business needs, although the key areas we cover are: introduction to agile data handling, data merger, reports, forms and sharing and managing data and access permissions within teams.

Webinar 1: Team Collaboration – share data

this webinar gives an introduction to  JACAMAR –  agile data management:

  • creation of data model
  • import of Excel data
  • personal and common views
  • share data – permissions and roles

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Webinar 2: Import of data in JACAMAR –  DataMerger

this webinar shows the features of the DataMerger and presents Best Practice for recurrent data import (master data, bill of material, project plans, tasks lists etc. )

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Introduction to Agile Data Handling
Data Merger

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