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Q: What are the operational preconditions for installation?

Operating system: Windows (XP, Vista or 7), Linux, Mac OS
Software: Java Runtime Environment (JRE for short)
Hardware: at least 1GB RAM
Access to a network file folder, either as a direct file path or via HTTP through WebDav

Q: Are the data protected?

Yes, both the acquired data as well as the access data are protected by encryption. By means of the application set-up via WebDav, the JACAMAR application folder (repository) can also be protected, so that the folders and files are only accessible through the application.
Q: What does Repository means?
A: A Repository is a data-container. Physicly it is a folder structure on a (net-) data storage.
Q: Where can a Repository be saved?
A: A repository can be stored at any location: USB-Stick, hard drive, net drive, web storage, cloud-space.
Q: What are the restrictions of the free version (Express-Edition)?
A: The Free JACAMAR version is a complete build with all the functionality the business edition has. You are able to save data in one data pool (repository) up to the amount of 50 kByte — the equivalent of about 1000 data records.
Q: What languages are supported by JACAMAR?
A: German, English, French: The selection is made here: Help → Switch language.

Q: Is Internet access required?

A: No, the Internet is accessed only for activating the license and updating the software. If this is not desired for a JACAMAR installation, then firstly, the license data can be transmitted through other means and secondly, the update/upgrade data can be stored at a central location in the protected network.


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Q: How can I activate Single Sign On in JACAMAR?
A: Please register in JACAMAR with the user ID of the operating system. Do NOT apply a psssword for this user. If the user ID in JACAMAR is the same as the operating system’s you will be « passed through ».

Q: How can the data be backed up?

A: JACAMAR application data can be secured with the usual data securing methods for folders and files. JACAMAR automatically generates backups of the application data, the configurations and the log-files.

Q: Are there recommendations for load distribution/scaling?

A: JACAMAR only accesses files and file folders, so that central distribution of computational loads is eliminated. It is mainly the computational power of the computer on which JACAMAR is running that is used.

View handling

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Q: How can I set Boolean values other than TRUE, e.g “X”?
A: Open the Metamodell Editor and assign ‘Fixed Values’ like « -,X » to the property of type Boolean (Button: show details). After that all values will be shown as ‘FALSE’ → “-” and ‘TRUE’ → “X”.

Navigation language

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F: How can I display the day of the week in a view (Monday-Sunday) for a date field?
A: You can assign different formats to date fields like,
DD for day
MM for month
YYYY for year
EEEE for day of the week
example: ISO: YYYY-MM-DD shows « 1998-05-27  » or day of the week: EEE shows « Tue »




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