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Download the WineSample JACAMAR repository used in the JACAMAR handbook HERE »

Download the Data Merger Sample used in the JACAMAR Data Merger guide » HERE .


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Kick Off Meetings

In project management time is precious whereby you want to create a solution as quickly as possible with little effort and impact.


JACAMAR® – User Training

Specifically focusing on departments, this course trains users in their contact and daily work with JACAMAR. Participants will gain knowledge on how they can use JACAMAR most effectively for their daily work. This includes:

  • Managing the front end user-interface
  • Processing and displaying the data in views
  • Data import and export
  • Creating simple view configurations and subviews
  • Using column and advanced filter functions and connecting related data

JACAMAR® – Administrator Training

This course enables the key department users to be trained with business modelling techniques and the administrative functions. These include:

  • Installation and configuration
  • Setting up access to JACAMAR® applications
  • Creation of data structures (Meta Model)
  • Setting up users, user groups and assigning rights and privileges
  • Creation of parametric views
  • Usage of variables and navigation functions
  • Maintenance

JACAMAR® – Functional-Training

This course will help you tackle your specific problems together with us. We will prepare you for:

  • Mastering the most complex configurations
  • Creating highly structured data
  • Subviews
  • Import and Data Merger management
  • Best practice and lots of useful tips


We offer lectures on the topics of agile, mobile and global cooperation in the framework of events.

Our staff will assist you in gaining experience and provide you with further information on these topics and in conjunction with the use of the JACAMAR® software.